About ETK

Our history dates to 1998, when our company – then called First Stock Exchange Club Co. was founded to expand stock market knowledge and to train small investors. Adapting to the challenges of the market, we have continuously expanded the scope of our services over the years.

As the market leader, our company – in close cooperation with the Hungarian Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA Hungary) – has been providing internal audit trainings for all sectors since 2004, besides in person classes, also online and via video-recorded formats. Our diplomas are well known and recognised in the labour market.

We have created our very popular ‘Regulatory Knowledge Base’ service, where we continuously publish updated model regulation documents and organisational development (audit and risk management) materials for both the public and business sectors.

Our dynamic internal audit services, including consultancy, are in increasing demand.

With our qualified experts, we undertake independent external quality assessment of internal control systems according to IIA standards.

We have launched our ETK Mentor Programme service, where we help beginner internal auditors to carry out their first audit.

Our risk management service, which is highly valued by our clients in the Hungarian market, offers complex solutions: the design, operation and development of risk management systems tailored to individual needs. ETK Co. has already assisted several domestic publicly owned companies and public institutions in developing their compliance processes. Using our practical knowledge and experience, we have developed an approach that provides our clients with a tailored and cost-effective solution to comply with Government Regulation 339/2019 (XII. 23.) about publicly owned companies and institutions.

We are very proud of the ETK Municipality Club, which has been running since 1999. “The Club” is now an online portal, that provides daily news to and communication with municipal professionals. Our job fair and tender support sections are also popular.

During its existence, our company has organised more than 150 national and several international professional conferences and has run dozens of professional training courses for groups from Eastern and Southern Europe under the USAID programme.

We also continue our tradition of publishing a large number of professional publications.

Founders of ETK


I am Tamás, a qualified economist and auditor. I tried to make a living as an entrepreneur in the world of socialism, then I became a researcher and later a senior administrator at the Ministry of Finance. I returned to the private sector as chief accountant and then ran financial entrepreneurships. My most successful decision was to build up ETK Co., where I managed to create a truly lasting asset of which I can be proud of. Education, internal control and risk management have been the main drivers in this story that started more than 20 years ago. My wife is also my partner in the company, I am a proud father of 2 grown-up children, and we live with a dog-friend and a cat princess.



I am Judit, a qualified kindergarten teacher. Although I am passionate about children and have had a lot of success and joy working with them, I needed new challenges. Together with my husband, we started training and conferences to support the work of internal auditors. I am responsible for organising and running them, and I place great emphasis on ensuring that our clients and partners are satisfied with all our services: I look for solutions to all their problems. And as a cat and dog owner, I believe that everyone needs a pet, because life is much more fun with them.

What others say about us

„All the elements of the training were very useful; all the speakers were very well prepared and gave us useful examples to help understanding!”

„I would particularly recommend the ETK Regulatory Knowledge Base to those who want to have excellent, applicable regulations that can stand the test of a financial and legal audit.”

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