Cooperation of defense lines in the organizations (2012)

Conference date:  19th-20th-21st of September 2012

IIA Hungary is organizing its international professional conference, titled as “Cooperation of defense lines in the organizations” for internal and external auditors, financial managers, as well as professionals of Supervisory Boards and Audit Committees.

Our goal is to organize a professional meeting where participants will be able to exchange experiences about the operation of defense lines in different organizations, the best practices related to the cooperation of the 3 defense lines both in the public and private sector.

Our presenters are well-known experts who gained their experience in local and international organizations and developed their professional knowledge in the fields of managerial controls, compliance, fraud-prevention, risk management and internal/external audit during the last few years.

Our international presenters will share the experience of state-owned and multinational companies from Austria, Belgium, Norway, France, Slovakia and Croatia, while we will hear about the methodologies used in state-sector, numerous multinational and local blue-chip companies from our Hungarian experts. Of course, we will not miss the presentations from the representatives of the well-known advisory firms: Ernst & Young, KPMG and PWC.

On the first and third days we will provide plenary sessions while on the second day the participants attend the preselected sections related to the different defense lines at the pre-defined blocks.

We are aware to the limited training budgets in every industry due to the current economic situation. . so, we offer an excellent value to our participants: our internationally recognized presenters will provide a professional quality that is similar to the conferences organized abroad, however the price is more favorable.

Moreover, a preferential accommodation prices are available at Hotel Mercure Buda for our guests from abroad and from the countryside.

We are convinced that the participation in this conference will support your professional improvement and expanding your professional network as well.

I hope we will be able to welcome you amongst the participants here Budapest in September.

In the name of IIA Hungary Board and our sponsors, Yours Sincerely
Robert Kollar, CIA
President of IIA Hungary


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