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How to approach and develop an internal audit of ethics in an organization?

Matej Drašček, Ph.D

Chief audit executive for a regional retail bank in Slovenia
2022. Május 17. | 9:00 - 13:00
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What is even ethics? Theoretical concepts. Business ethics. Compliance vs ethics. Corruption vs ethics. How to develop an internal audit plan to audit ethics? The scope and goals of internal audit of ethics. The most important areas of ethics in organizations. Blind spots of ethics in internal audit. How to collect evidence? Wishful thinking vs. reality. Importance of observations. The role of behavioural experiments in auditing of ethics.

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Served as a lecturer for several universities and faculties, published numerous professional and scientific international articles on internal audit, human resources, business ethics, and strategic management. Spoken at several conferences, presenting new tools and insights in internal audit, strategic management, and ethics. Holds CIA, CRMA and CFSA and is current president of IIA Slovenia.

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